15 th September 2018

Venue 9am-10am 10am-11am 11am-12pm 12pm-1pm 1pm-1:30pm 1:30pm-2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm 4pm-4 30pm 4:30pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm
Indoor Stadium Inauguration  
BMS Auditorium   Sci-Tech Quiz  
BSN Hall   Data Analytics & Its Applications - Workshop  
BT classroom 3   Exo Designer-Biomimicry  
CA-4   Toggling  
CAD Lab Room 1   Workshop on CATIA & Analysis  
CNC Lab   Space Tank (Round 1)  
Communication lab   HAM Workshop  
Computer lab(EIE block)   Look! Skywalker  
Computer Lab, TCE Block   Workshop on Raspberry Pi  
CR 204 RedBull Event
CR-3 (Mech)   Singularity  
CS-Lab 1 & 2   Reverse Coding   Codathon 3.0  
Drawing Hall 1 (Mech Block)   MUN  
DSP Lab PG Block 2nd Floor   GPS Hackathon  
EC 303   Space Pellicule  
FDC Hall PG Block 1st Floor   Look Skywalker - Talk   Space Intelligence(MCA Workshop)  
Gopi Wall   Space Ryder  
Internet Lab   Spacecraft Design Using Computer Simulator  
Lecture Hall ML-1   Beyond the Skies
M.Tech Lab EC Block   Workshop on Simulation  
MBA-3   Business Plan Competition  
MBA-4   Ad Making  
MCA Lab   Workshop on Remote Engineering  
Measurement Lab   Make-a-thon  
MESH Hall   Situation Astro Talks  
ML Department Lab   Techno Teaser  
MV Hall   Harvesting Solar Energy  
New Building 3rd Floor Seminar Hall   Fury Road v4.0  
New Building EC 302   Missing Spacecraft  
New Building EC 309/M-Tech Lab   Workshop on Power of Altair Technology for desing of complex machines  
New Building EC 310   Workshop on FEKO  
New Digital Library   Capture the flag  
PG Block 5002   Game of Strategies 2.0  
PG Block 5003 & 5004   Confoundo  
PG block 7003   Civionics  
PG block 7010   Glider Design  
PG block CR 3001   Astro Intellect  
PG block CR 3002   Packup, Let's head to Mars  
PG Block EEE-6003/6005   Circuit Maze  
PG block ISE-4001   Logomania 4.0  
PG Block PG classroom 6th floor   SIMSPACE  
Placement Lab 2   Algal Bloom Imaging Wokshop  
Placement Lab 1   Satellite based Search & Rescue Operation  
Project Lab EIE Dept   Automation for Space Systems  
RF Lab EC Block   Gazing with Machine Learning  
RK Hall   Data Acquisition Systems for Space Applications  
SOM Lab Mech Block   Robo Wars  
Studio 3   Shoot It  
Studio 1   Lensation  
Studio 2   Last Resort  
Taylor Hall   String Theory  
TDC Block DEC Lab   Project J  
TCE Block Sim Lab   Arduiknow  

16 th September 2018

Venue 9am-9:30am 9:30am-10am 10am-10:30am 10 30am-11am 11am-12pm 12pm-12:30pm 12:30pm-1pm 1pm-1:30pm 1:30pm-2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm 4pm-5pm
BSN hall   Machine Learning & Its Applications in Space Systems
BT Classroom 1   Battle in Outer Space   Astro War  
CA 2   Encrypt Decrypt  
CA 4 FLick   Skeptical Quest
CAD Lab Room 1   Workshop on CATIA & Analysis  
CAD Lab Room 2   Encase It v2.0  
CCP Lab 6th Floor PG Block   Workshop on AI & Deep Neural Network
CNC & Robotics Lab   Solid Works Workshop  
Computer Lab (TCE Block) Workshop on VSAT Base  
CR-1 IEM Dept   Space Tank Round 2
CR-4 Mech Block   Situation  
CR-3 Mech Block   Singularity  
CSE Lab 1   Space Chase 3.0  
CSE Lab 2   The Rescue Mission Hackathon  
EC 208   Defuse  
EC 209   Workshop on Raspberry Pi  
EC 303   Space Pellicule  
EIE Department   Jury Presentation
EIE Department Computer Lab   Look! Skywalker  
EIE Department Project lab PLC Latest Technologies on Automation of Space Systems  
ERP Lab IEM Department   Vader of Wall Street  
Gopi Wall   Space Ryder  
Internet Lab   IOT & Applications Workshop
Library Lawn   Packup, Let's head to Mars  
M.Tech Lab EC Block   System On Chip(SOC) Interface Between FGPA & Processing
MBA 3   Inquisitive  
MBA 4   Block & Tackle  
MCA Lab Space Build  
Measurement Lab PG Block 1st Floor   Make-a-thon
MESH Hall   Infinight Hunt   Workshop on Technical Writing  
ML Classroom   Sane in Space  
ML Department Lab Geo-Spatial World(Hands-On Workshop)  
MV Hall Workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS  
New Block C206 Raspberry Rover Workshop  
New Building 3rd Floor Seminar Hall   Fury Road v4.0  
New Building EC 304 & AME Lab E'SPAC'IO: The Battle of Bidding  
New Building EC 308 & DSP Lab E'SPAC'IO: The Battle of Bidding  
New Digital Library   Game of Codes   Code of Arena  
PG block 5001 & 5002   Gridlocked  
PG Block 5004   E Roadies  
PG Block 6001 to 6004   The Big Bang  
PG block 7010   Tracking the co-ordinates  
PG Block CR-3001   Astro Triathon  
PG Block CR-3002   Battle of Brains  
PG Block CSE 6th Floor Lab   Machine Learning Workshop
PG Block 4003 & 4004   All Star Battle Ground  
PG Block ISE Classroom   Workshop on Waferspace
PG Block Terrace   Andromeda's Escape  
Placement Lab 1   Workshop on Simulation  
Placement Lab 2   Fly Away  
Studio 4   Louis Koun  
Studio 1   Visage  
Studio 3   Shoot It  
Taylor Hall   It's Not Rocket Science
TCE Block Analog Lab T-Rex Hunt